Public Speaker   •   FASD Advisor   •   Entrepreneur

Niall empowers people whose lives have been affected by FASD. His story is one of triumph over life’s struggles through faith and determination. Adopted in Saskatchewan as part of the ’60’s Scoop,’ Niall struggled for years with discrimination, depression and an invisible disability. He knows first-hand what it takes to change your life.

After his brother’s tragic death, Niall traveled Canada speaking on the dangers of drinking and driving. Now, starting with the 2017 International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Niall is dedicated to creating awareness of FASD by sharing his personal story of life with the disability. He can speak towards a variety of topics to any size audience. With a focus on FASD, his personal story touches on being indigenous, adoption, sexual abuse, the loss of a loved one and addictions from the perspective of someone who found the strength to overcome tragedy.

He urges his audiences to focus on hope and never walk away from their challenges. After a lifetime of being told having FASD meant “he would not amount to anything”, Niall is committed to proving to the world that FASD does not define him or anyone else.